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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Legal protections are available for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle riders can be in a uniquely vulnerable position on the roadway. Additionally, they can be especially exposed to negligent and careless drivers. Motorcycle riders can be susceptible to inattentive drivers who fail to observe them, and it is important to keep in mind that motorcycles do not enjoy the same protections passenger vehicles afford. Unfortunately, statistics illustrate how dangerous the roadways can be for motorcycle riders.

Los Angeles area motorcycle accidents claims life of rider

Traveling by motorcycle is a fairly popular mode of transportation in California and other states across the nation. Especially when the weather is nice, motorists can expect to share the road with these smaller vehicles. While vehicles of various sizes share the road each and every day, this poses some risks and dangers. If a driver is not attentive, this could result in a serious accident.

Fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accident claims life of rider

The legal process and the options it affords protect motorcycle accident victims and their families. While no one expects to get involved in a motorcycle accident, such an event could result in a serious and tragic aftermath. Therefore, it is imperative to understand what recourses are available to victims and their loved ones.

Brain injury victims have legal options to consider

A serious traumatic brain injury may not be immediately noticeable following a motor vehicle accident or other injury. Traumatic brain injuries can be open or closed head injuries, and can be caused by car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. Brain injuries can range from mild to severe. Prompt attention and care for a brain injury can be critical to a successful recovery.

Witnesses prevent hit-and-run driver from fleeing accident scene

One of the most frustrating and tragic kinds of traffic accidents in California occurs when the driver who appears to be at fault is able to successfully flee the scene. Police may have difficulty finding and arresting the driver, and the victims of the accident may have difficulty recovering damages for injuries suffered in the accident. In a heartening variation on this theme, witnesses to a recent truck and motorcycle accident in Hawthorne were partly successful in preventing the driver who caused the collision from successfully running away.

Fatal Malibu motorcycle crash leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Posts on this blog usually end with a suggestion to consult an attorney regarding commencing a lawsuit to recover damages caused by a motor vehicle accident. A recent lawsuit arising out of a fatal motorcycle accident in shows how one such consultation has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Jury finds Los Angeles liable for death at dangerous intersection

Los Angeles has thousands of busy intersections, but not all of them are safe. A recent jury verdict in Los Angeles County Superior Court awarded a widow and her young son a $23.7 million verdict against the city because it failed to fix the known hazards of an intersection in San Pedro. The hazard -- limited visibility -- caused a motorcycle accident that resulted in the death of a Northrup Grumman employee.

Five injured when motorcycle T-bones automobile

When a motorcycle collides with a car, the occupants of the car usually fare better than the driver of the cycle. In a partial exception to this general rule, an especially violent motorcycle accident in Westwood left both the driver of the motorcycle and at least one passenger in critical condition.

Motorcycle accidents on the rise in Los Angeles County

Some motorcyclists may share the view that it is not a matter of if they will be in a motorcycle accident but when they will be in a motorcycle accident. Statewide motorcycle crash data in California reveals that between 2003 and 2012, motorcycle crashes and fatalities increased by 23 percent. While motorcycle accident numbers had previously declined in California, they are back on the rise.

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