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Car Accidents Archives

Understanding the path forward after a car accident

Every day millions of people in Southern California leave their homes to commute to work or school, and none of them expects to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents occur every day and the sad reality is that some of them involve injuries, which can sometimes be quite serious. Such an incident can be a serious shock to the individual who is injured and their family members, as they attempt to understand the path forward after the car accident.

Busy holiday season travel schedules can lead to car accidents

As California residents have started celebrating the holiday season around Christmas and New Year's Day, many are taking to the roads to travel across the state or even across the country, to visit with friends and family members. The holiday season is always a busy time for traveling, but, in our efforts to visit with our loved ones, drivers and passengers in vehicles may be putting their lives in danger. More travelers on the roads means an increased possibility of car accidents.

A drunk driving accident can be a life-changer

The issue of distracted driving is in the forefront of many public policy discussions about how to address the rate of car accidents that occur in California and throughout the rest of the country. Cellphone use, in particular, is driving the discussion. However, there is another danger that has been around as long as automobiles: drunk driving.

Understand your options after a car accident involving injuries

Being involved in a car accident can be scary, especially if the collision is more than just a common "fender-bender." In serious car accidents, California residents can suffer injuries and even fatalities. The unfortunate reality is that these types of serious motor vehicle accidents happen every day in California and throughout the country.

Do you know the basics about car accidents in California?

Car accidents are one of the most common ways by which California residents suffer injuries. In fact, car accidents are common throughout the country, but highly-populated states like California can make the possibility of being involved in a car accident even more of a threat. However, even though these incidents are fairly common, do most people know the basics about car accidents and the personal injury lawsuits that can be pursued as a result?

State law seeks to track number of marijuana-impaired drivers

It is no secret that California, among other states, has begun to loosen certain restrictions on the possession and use of marijuana. To many people, this has been a cause to rejoice, but, for others, there has been a dangerous consequence: the impact of marijuana-impaired drivers on the roads.

The danger of driving drunk

Everyone knows that drunk driving is dangerous, and California is no exception to the dangers these reckless and negligent drivers present. People who decide to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming too much alcohol are putting themselves and others at risk.

Some days of the week worse than others for a fatal auto accident

When Californians take to the roads, it is unlikely that they are considering the statistical chances of being in an auto accident. There are many variables that go along with being in a crash. However, there are certain trends that arise and researchers point to when assessing when and under what circumstances a crash is likely to occur. A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that certain days of the week and times of day are more dangerous while others are safer.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers

You may be familiar with the significant and hefty criminal consequences associated with drunk driving, including substantial fines, a criminal record and even jail time. However, in addition to these consequences, drunk drivers are often involved in accidents that can leave others seriously hurt, or even result in death. As such, there are various legal issues that surround drunk driving outside of just the potential criminal penalties.

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