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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Cars turning left create a hazard for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have a lot of hazards to consider every time they go out for a ride, but one of the biggest ones is simply cars turning left in front of them. It creates a potentially deadly scenario, but it's a very common part of the riding experience, so riders always need to be aware and alert.

Safety tips for motorcyclists

A motorcycle accident could lead to serious injury or death. Therefore, it is important for those riding on California roads to take steps to help them stay safe. Ideally, riders will wear helmets, pants and jackets that have long sleeves on them. This can protect a rider in the event that he or she makes contact with the ground. During the fall or winter seasons, wearing extra layers can help protect individuals from the cold.

Unique safety issues for motorcyclists on Los Angeles roads

For motorcyclists, their safety and security are often top of mind when each time they get on their bike and fire it up. That's because motorcyclists face more safety issues than do passenger vehicle drivers on the same stretches of highway. However, even if this is true, motorcyclists are still afforded the same rights to safety as is any person on Los Angeles road. What unique challenges do motorcyclists face in terms of motorcycle accident injury?

Catastrophic harm from motorcycle accidents can be compensable

Motorcyclists have every right to safety on the road as do any other passenger vehicle drivers. Sadly, motorcyclists are often horribly injured when they are involved in car accidents with other motor vehicles and even commercial trucks. These injuries are often no fault of the motorcyclist, yet they suffer the brunt of the actual injuries. Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can absolutely be catastrophic.

Crash in LA area leaves motorcyclist dead

A motorcyclist who was well known in his community died following a crash in North Hollywood. The crash involved the motorcyclist's striking a vehicle that had turned left in front of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was unable to stop in time to avoid the collision.

Suffering a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident

Many Los Angeles residents who ride motorcycles are probably cognizant of the fact that if they are involved in an accident on these smaller, lighter vehicles, they may suffer injuries. As a result, many motorcyclists wear quite a bit of protective gear when they ride, none more important than a helmet.

What types of damages can you pursue after a motorcycle accident?

The weather in Southern California has been unseasonably cool lately, but still warm enough for many residents to ride their motorcycles. Unlike much of the rest of the country, Southern California residents don't have to put their motorcycles up for the winter and wait for the coming spring months to get back on the road. Unfortunately, although Southern California weather typically provides for year-round motorcycling, that also means that motorcycle accidents can occur at any time of the year.

Understand your injury and the potential compensation

Thousands of Southern California residents ride motorcycles rather than driving cars. There are many reasons why they do so, but, whatever the reason, motorcyclists should be aware that other drivers may be the greatest danger they face on the road. You can be a great motorcycle rider, with years of experience, and still face the danger of a driver who isn't paying attention. Motorcycles accidents almost always end with an injury - or worse - for the motorcyclist, while the driver of the motor vehicle may walk away unharmed.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents in California

There are plenty of people in Southern California who ride motorcycles to travel to where they need to go. But, despite the joy that motorcyclists get from using these vehicles, we all know that there are some risks involved in riding a motorcycle, particularly from other drivers on the roads. That is why our readers in Southern California need to know some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents.

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