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Truck Accidents Archives

What impacts how quickly an operator can stop their truck?

Most motorists have heard that speed can kill. This is far more meaningful for truckers though. It takes them much longer to respond to different stimuli including changes in landscape, traffic and weather. It's no wonder that speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes.

New bill could compromise truck safety

California residents may have heard about a hearing on February 4 regarding a Senate bill, the DRIVE-Safe Act, which would permit those below the age of 21 to obtain an intrastate commercial motor vehicle license. The bill, introduced by two senators in February 2019, proposes an apprenticeship program requiring applicants to complete 400 hours, part of which involves 240 hours of driving a commercial motor vehicle in the presence of another driver who must be at least 21.

Tips for avoiding fatigue in a commercial vehicle

One of the hazards of the trucking industry is fatigue behind the wheel. Truckers in California should always watch out for times when they are yawning and finding it hard to keep their eyes open or their mind on the road. The tips below can help them deal with drowsiness as well as prevent it.

New trucking study planned by FMCSA

Motorists in California may be interested in a new study being conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The proposed study is going to look at different distractions that could be causing trucking accidents. The study will be the first of its kind done in 15 years.

Truck crash causes unveiled

Trucks are considered masters of the highway, but crashes involving these vehicles may be catastrophic and involve serious injuries or death. This risk multiplies with California's extensive highway network. After studying truck accidents, government researchers have disclosed the three major causes of these accidents.

Rise of fatal truck accidents sparks concern about ELD rules

In Los Angeles, across California and throughout the nation, large trucks are an inevitable part of the landscape. These vehicles serve a purpose in the economy. They deliver products and provide jobs. Still, their size and the speed at which they travel can be intimidating to drivers of passenger vehicles. When there is a truck accident, everyone - including those in the truck - can be injured and lose their lives. After a truck crash, those impacted should understand how it can hinder their future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Three different parties that could be sued after truck accident

When involved in a car accident or truck accident, a person's first instinct is to blame the driver of the other vehicle. While a person may be spot on that fault lies totally or partially with the driver of the other vehicle, there could be more to the story.

Motorcyclist killed in truck accident

Although countless journeys out on the open road are completed without incident, it only takes a second for something to go tragically wrong. Recently, a crash happened just outside Los Angeles that resulted in a fatality. It involved a motorcyclist, a passenger vehicle and a truck in the combined truck accident.

Building a strong case after a truck accident

Although large trucks are seemingly just as common on the roads in and near Los Angeles as passenger vehicles, the vast difference in the potential for damage when a truck is involved in an accident couldn't be clearer. Most truck drivers do a good job of paying attention to their jobs and driving carefully, but, unfortunately, there are those who do not take their jobs as seriously as others. As a result, some trucks on the road present a significant danger to other drivers.

Special training for CDLs intended to prevent truck accidents

Large trucks are incredibly common in the vast metropolitan area centered around Los Angeles. These trucks are usually transporting goods throughout the state and the country. For the most part, the drivers in these trucks obey traffic rules and regulations while they are on the road.

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