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Truck Accidents Archives

Legal options after suffering injuries in a truck accident

Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries. However, when a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a large truck, such as a semi-truck, the injuries for the driver and any passengers in the smaller vehicle could be devastating, while the occupants of the large truck may walk away from the accident without a scratch.

Large trucks can cause large-scale destruction and injuries

Our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know the potential danger that drivers on the roads in Los Angeles may be in when they are around semi-trucks. These large vehicles weigh thousands of pounds more than the average passenger vehicle. As a result, the damage and injuries that can be caused when a semi-truck collides with a smaller vehicle can be devastating.

Drowsy driving could cause truck accidents in Los Angeles

Most drivers in the Los Angeles area have probably had times when they felt pretty tired while behind the wheel. After all, many people are involved in daily commutes either early in the morning or after a long, hard day of work. Unfortunately, drivers who are drowsy while behind the wheel can put all other drivers and passengers on the road in danger.

Crafting a strong case after a truck accident

Being involved in any type of car accident can be a scary situation but being in a collision that was caused by a large truck can be the worst possible scenario. These types of collisions often leave victims with life-changing injuries and, in some cases, the collisions cause fatalities. Anyone in Southern California who has been injured in a truck accident will need to know how to move fast to establish a strong case.

Fatalities are a real possibility in large truck accidents

Southern California residents are used to seeing many large trucks on the roads as they go about making deliveries. What may not immediately occur to many people is the immense potential for damage and injuries that comes with these trucks when they are involved in accidents. In fact, fatalities are a real possibility for any California resident who is struck by a large truck.

Drowsy driving and semi-trucks don't mix

For as many large trucks that we all see on the roads in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, it is almost a miracle that there aren't more collisions between these vehicles and smaller passenger vehicles. However, the ones that do occur can be devastating, leaving victims with injuries that can change their lives forever, if they aren't fatal. There can be many reasons that a collision between a semi-truck and a smaller vehicle might occur, but one reason of particular concern is drowsy driving.

Legal options after truck accident injuries

Car accidents between passenger vehicles are common, especially in rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. However, the relative frequency of these types of accidents should not overshadow how common it is for a large vehicle, like a semi-truck, to cause an accident. Like all accident victims, truck accident victims who have suffered injuries may have legal options.

What the common ways that truck drivers cause accidents?

There is no shortage of "big rigs" on the streets and highways of California. Each one of these vehicles is presumed to have a trained and competent driver at the wheel. Unfortunately, we all know that is not the case. There are hundreds of truck accidents in California each year, leaving many people with devastating injuries to recover from, or even causing death.

Crash underscores dangers of big rigs to California motorists

When a semi truck is involved in an accident, especially with a smaller vehicle, the damage can be catastrophic. The sheer size and weight of such vehicles enhances the danger that they pose to other vehicles on the road, and even the highway infrastructure itself. With big rigs, even the simplest mistake or malfunction can have disastrous consequences.

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