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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

California police start teen distracted driver enforcement blitz

The combination of teen drivers and distracted driving can make the roads in California treacherous. Because texting and driving and other distracted driver behaviors have become so commonplace, law enforcement is actively trying to tamp down on the practice. First, they tried educational means. Now, they are planning to crack down on teens who drive while distracted with an enforcement blitz. This is a good step, but not everyone can be caught and cited. With that, there will be auto accidents with injuries and fatalities due to this issue. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one should be cognizant of how to recover compensation.

Two fatal car crash incidents kill pedestrians in Los Angeles

Since Los Angeles is a city that often requires people to use their vehicles to get back and forth and many people decide to avoid that by riding a bicycle or walking, there are often auto accidents between cars and pedestrians. The vulnerability of pedestrians is inherent. When hit by a car, they can suffer a litany of injuries and even lose their lives. To make the situation worse, many drivers will decide that they will flee rather than make sure the person who was hurt gets the help needed. This makes it a hit and run. After these accidents those who were hurt or lost a loved one should remember their rights and protect themselves by finding legal help.

Technology to avoid a pedestrian-car crash not always effective

In Los Angeles, across California and throughout the U.S., pedestrian safety is one of the biggest topics of discussion for lawmakers and law enforcement. Since the problem of pedestrians being injured and losing their lives in a car collision has grown so significantly in recent years, there are numerous steps being taken to try to make the street safer. With texting and driving and other distracted driving behaviors added to previous everyday risks, people must be vigilant. When there is a pedestrian-car accident, there can be multiple problems because of it. A legal filing is often the most viable strategy to recover compensation.

What kinds of damages can I recover for me car accident injuries?

Car accident victims can suffer serious trauma and injuries in an unexpected car accident and can also wind up facing significant expenses as a result they may not know what to do with. Fortunately, a personal injury claim for damages can help with those expenses and also aid them in the recovery process as they focus on healing and may be unable to work as medical expenses pile up all around them.

Texting and driving is illegal in California

Cell phones have become a regular part of the average person's life. We live entire lives through our cell phones. We can connect with friends and family, pay bills, check in with our work and even create things. Really, we live two lives, one in the real world and one in the virtual world. However, there is a time where the two worlds should not overlap.

What injuries are commonly sustained in a car accident?

Although it only takes a split second for a car accident to occur, the incidents can cause injuries that have the potential to affect a person for a lifetime. There are many different types of injuries that can be sustained from a car accident, but there are some that are more common than others.

Fatal crash involves appears to involve DUI and hit-and-run

Our readers in Los Angeles are no strangers to reports about car accidents in the metropolitan area. However, as common as car accidents might be, fatal car accidents are a whole other matter altogether. When a person dies in a car accident, the trauma that can be felt can be wide-ranging. In a recent fatal accident, there are a variety of factors involved that may result in re-traumatization for several people.

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