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Posts tagged "medical expenses"

What is a "structured settlement"?

Many lawsuits resulting from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents never come to trial because the parties are able to agree upon a sum of money that that will compensate the victims and that the defendant -- or, more likely, the defendant's insurer -- is willing to pay. Most Californians, however, have never heard of a special type of settlement that is known as a structured settlement.

Storm causes spate of crashes in Southern California

The torrential rains that hit Southern California last weekend caused all kinds of havoc, from power outages to mudslides to flooded streets. In addition, numerous auto accidents were attributed to the storm.

Distracted driving causes thousands of California car accidents

There are over 24,000 licensed drivers in California. Every driver has something on their mind, whether it is a fight with their spouse, an important presentation at work or an upcoming Caribbean vacation. Unfortunately, a large number of drivers are even further distracted by other things, such as food or their cell phones, resulting in many car accidents per year that result in serious injury and even death.

We can help those who have been injured in a car accident

California residents often hop into vehicles without giving much thought to the potential dangers they may encounter on the road. In fact, as many as 2.5 million people are injured in car accidents each year. Accident victims are prone to a number of injuries, from minor scrapes and bruises, to more serious injuries like nerve injury, traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, to name a few. In the worst cases, the lives of innocent victims are claimed.

Fatal car accident after vehicle stalled

As drivers that travel the roadways of California are likely aware, it is always important to keep an eye out for other vehicles traveling on the road. As this blog has previously discussed, the vehicle that is most likely not to be noticed by other drivers on the road is a motorcycle.

Is eating while driving leading to car accidents in California?

Many residents of Los Angeles have likely heard about the dangers involved in texting and driving. This type of distracted driving has been a hot topic in the news lately. However, texting and driving is not the only type of dangerous driving that can lead to car accidents. Recent studies show that another distraction has become a large concern on California roads: eating while driving.

Truck becomes airborne, causes car crash in California

Car accidents may be a common occurrence on the streets of California. However, that does not mean that the aftermath becomes any easier to deal with for those residents and family members who are adversely affected by each and every one of the state's collisions.

California car crash kills one and injures six

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a somewhat common occurrence along the busy roadways of California. When an accident occurs, at least one driver is oftentimes held responsible for causing the accident. A driver is usually held responsible because they exhibited negligent behavior. A driver's behavior is negligent when it falls below the minimum standard of care that all drivers are required to use when operating a motorized vehicle.

Three-car accident in California sends three to hospital

For many people, traveling by passenger vehicle is a way of life. Most of us leave home every day and drive to work, or run errands or execute any number of other tasks while driving a passenger vehicle. When people leave, they usually expect that they will return unharmed. No one expects to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Every year 2.5 million people are injured by the actions of a careless or negligent driver.

Car crash injures two teenage pedestrians

When a passenger vehicle collides with another vehicle it may or may not result in injuries to the parties involved in the accident. Whether injuries result depends upon the nature of the car crash. However, when a passenger vehicle collides with pedestrians that are walking along the same streets where the cars are traveling, the results can be catastrophic and, at times, deadly.

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