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Posts tagged "negligent party"

Motorcycle passenger dies in freeway collision

When Californians hear the phrase "motorcycle accident," they commonly assume that the driver of the bike was injured, perhaps seriously. But motorcycles often carry passengers, too. A recent accident on Interstate 5 in Commerce demonstrates the risks to which motorcycle passengers are often exposed, especially in a motorcycle accident.

Fatal motorcycle accident leaves one dead

It is likely that most residents of California would agree that motorcycles are no match for a passenger vehicle or anything larger. The size of a motorcycle makes it prone to a motorcycle accident for a few different reasons. First of all, the vehicle is small so sometimes the drivers of other larger vehicles with which a motorcyclist is sharing the road don't see a motorcycle until it's too late. Second, a motorcycle does not offer much protection so when these accidents do happen the motorcyclist is the most likely candidate to suffer catastrophic injuries.

California Marine dies in motorcycle crash

As readers of this blog are aware, motorcycle accidents can potentially have a devastating impact on those that are involved. A motorcycle crash need not always involve a motorcycle and an automobile. In one recent incident, a motorcycle accident occurred between a motorcycle and another motorcycle.

Man killed in motorcycle crash caused by drunk driver

Early on a recent Tuesday morning in California, employees at a Taco Bell called authorities to report that there was a drunk man on the premises that was causing a disturbance. When police arrived at the restaurant they saw the 23-year-old speed off in his vehicle. What no one realized at that moment is that he would soon cause the tragic death of a soldier that had recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan.

One dead after head-on motorcycle crash

The identity of a motorcyclist who was tragically killed in a recent fatal motorcycle crash has finally been determined. The 56-year-old man was killed in the motorcycle crash that occurred on a Friday morning when he was struck head-on by a passenger vehicle.

California man accused of causing motorcycle accident

Previous posts here have discussed motorcycle accidents, explaining the importance of drivers keeping an eye out for motorcyclists and yielding to them when they have the right of way. That importance heightens with the onset of nighttime.

Woman perishes in California motorcycle accident

The year-round mild climate paired with the increased propensity for traffic in California makes it common for motorcyclists to travel the state's roadways. However, traveling on a motorcycle can present many dangers due to its size and its inability to stand up against other vehicles that share the same roads.

Motorcycle accident results in fatal injuries

Drivers of all makes and models of vehicles travel the roadways of Alhambra day in and day out, never expecting to be injured or involved in a car accident. However, sometimes accidents happen when they are least expected, and any car accident can have a tragic result, including catastrophic injuries.

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