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Posts tagged "serious injuries"

Are legal actions available for truck driver fatigue accidents?

A staggering amount of fatalities occur on roadways, often involving large trucks. In fact, over 5,000 lives are lost in the United States every year because of truck accidents. Deadly accidents often occur because of excessive driver fatigue. When an accident happens because of truck driver fatigue, the victims and their families have the opportunity to pursue legal action.

Can a truck company be held liable for a truck accident?

Truck crashes are a common cause of serious injuries and fatalities on California's roadways. The number of trucks on the road and the common unsafe actions of their drivers mean that there is a significant risk that a truck will be involved in, and potentially the cause of, a serious accident. Because the costs and damages associated with a truck crash can be extremely high in many cases, it is important to know when liability could extend beyond the driver to the truck company, as well.

Truck accident occurrences in California

California drivers are likely to see large trucks on city streets, local roads and on the state's highways. These trucks are busy shipping goods that will eventually make their way throughout the state and country. In particular, Los Angeles sees many trucks because of its close proximity to major shipping ports that bring goods in from around the world.

Overturned logging truck kills one motorcyclist, injures another

As residents of California are aware, state roadways can be quite busy at times. Therefore, it may be easier to driver a smaller vehicle in order to get places. However, busy streets mean that there will be a wide variety of other vehicles traveling the roadway and some of them may be hauling commercial loads. These types of vehicles are no match for a motorcycle and it is essential that both the motorcyclist and the truck driver exercise the utmost care in order to avoid a truck accident.

Tractor-trailer accident leaves one dead and eight injured

Eight people are injured and one person is dead after a tragic accident that occurred recently in California. The accident involved a total of 11 cars and one big rig. The tractor-trailer accident occurred when a big rig that was hauling a double load of sand lost control of his vehicle.

1 dead and another injured in California truck accident

As previous postings in this blog have discussed, passenger cars are no match for a commercial motor vehicle, and when the two collide the outcome can be tragic. Truck accidents involving pedestrians are almost guaranteed to have a catastrophic, if not fatal, outcome. Unfortunately, this type of accident recently occurred in California.

Tractor-trailer accident kills one and injures two others

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the increased level of danger and the potential for catastrophic injuries when a commercial motor vehicle is involved in a collision on the roadways of California. As residents of California can likely imagine, when more than one big rig is involved in a tractor-trailer accident, the outcome can potentially take an even sharper turn for the worse.

California truck accident damages 16 vehicles

As drivers in California have likely realized, there are many large semi-trucks and commercial motor vehicles sharing the roadways. These large vehicles have the potential to present dangers to other drivers on the road. These dangers are present due to the large size of the vehicles. along with the often hazardous nature of the materials they are carrying.

Semi and motorcycle collide on California highway; one dead

Many previous postings in this blog have discussed the potentially dangerous results in accidents involving commercial motor vehicles and 18-wheelers. The massive size of these vehicles simply do not make them a match for the majority of other smaller vehicles that are traveling the same roadways. Therefore, a tractor-trailer accident can often result in serious injuries or even death.

Truck accident leaves one California man fatally injured

When an accident occurs on the roadways of Los Angeles, there is always the possibility that one of the parties will be held responsible for another's injuries or, in some tragic situations, death. The party that can be held responsible and may owe compensation to others that have become injured is the party that is determined to be negligent in the causation of the accident.

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