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Client/Colleague Testimonials


After 3 surgeries, I wanted it all. Mike got it all for me. With all my ups and downs due to pain, pain meds, Mike stuck with me. And believe me , I was no peach to work with. Mike has integrity , and works with YOUR best interest in mind. You’re not a pay check to him, you are a person that requires expert service, expert understanding, and caring.
Look no further, call ASAP, distance is not an issue.

我需要三次手術,麥克雷力律師都為我爭取到。因為痛疼,和止痛劑,我的日子好好壞壞起伏不定,我是個不太容易相處的人, 麥克雷力律師相信我也與我同在。麥克雷力律師誠實正直,用心爭取你的福址。
你不是他賺錢的工具,你是一位需要他專長來協助的人, 他了解且關心你的需要。請不要再猶豫,儘快和他連絡,距離不是問題。

-A True Gentleman, a Fine Attorney
Posted by Bob San Diego, a Personal Injury client, about 1 month ago.

– 一位真的正人君子, 一位好律師

My family and I were in a car accident; I was referred to Michael for him to handle my case. He took my case; he really got involved in the case. His office personnel were very courteous and accommodating every time I called them. He was always there when I needed him. I thank you Michael for all your help!!! Nevertheless, I recommend Michael to anyone.

“我和我的家人發生車禍,被介紹和雷力律師連絡,由他代理我的案件。 他非常專注在這個案子中,無論我任何時間打電話,他的辦公室人員都非常有禮貌且包容我。 當我需要雷力律師時,他總是在那裡。我非常感謝雷力律師的幫助,同時我也推薦雷力律師給任何人。”

-Shakeel, Former Client

– Shakeel 沙基爾,前客戶

I recommend Michael Killackey. Although my case lasted over 3 years, working with Mike couldn’t have been easier. Being in pain can make you crazy, but Mike understood and helped me through to the end when most would have quit. He always answered my calls (no matter what hour of the day or night) and had a calming manner about him. He was very knowledgeable with all my family members’ questions and always kept me informed. He also has a plethora of connections. Without him, I would not have found a surgeon to complete the necessary surgery to heal me. I would, and have, recommended him to anyone in need of an attorney.

“ 我推薦麥克雷力律師, 雖然我的案件歷時3年多,和雷力律師一起工作,是再容易也不過的。疼痛可以讓您瘋狂,大多數人都不願管或早就放棄了,但雷力理解並幫助我渡過。不論白天黑夜,他都會回答我的電話,同時有著非常平靜的態度。 他非常了解我所有家庭成員的問題,並讓我知道案件的目前進展。他有非常廣範的人脈,沒有他,我無法找到外科醫生為醫治進行必要的手術。我願意,也 一定會推薦他給每位需要律師的人。”

-Ed, Former Client

– ED艾德,前客戶。

I have been assisting Mike by providing medical record summaries and/or chronologies on his personal injury and medical malpractice cases since 2006. Mike has an excellent knowledge of human anatomy/physiology and pathophysiology which allows him to focus on the medical issues/care related to the case. Mike’s extensive experience with traumatic brain injury cases allows him to identify the signs and symptoms of a TBI which are often missed due to focus on the more obvious physical injuries. Mike has a great work ethic and is very dedicated to his clients. It is always a pleasure to work with Mike.

“ 從2006年開始,我一直在為雷力律師的人體傷害和醫療糾紛案件協助提供病歷記錄摘要,雷力律師有著非常豐富的人體解剖學/生理學和病理生理學等醫學知識,這讓他可以專注有關案件的醫療問題/護理情況, 雷力律師對創傷性腦損傷案件十分有經驗,他可識別有關創傷性腦損傷的徴狀,這是一般人非常容易忽略的,而只注意較明顯的身體傷害症狀,雷力律師有偉大的職業道德,非常敬業,我很高興和他一起工作。”

-Kathy Cross, R.N., B.S., MSCC

– Kathy Cross 凱西, 註冊護士,理學士.

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