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Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck companies know that when a truck crash happens, they must move fast to build their defense. Oftentimes these companies will immediately summon their insurance company, hire an attorney and send a team of experts and experienced investigators to the accident scene. Their goal? Minimize exposure. Regardless of your injuries, their goal is to minimize their liability.

Killackey Law Offices, APC, can help you, regardless of whether you were harmed by:

  • Truck and tractor-trailer crashes
  • Metro-area bus accidents
  • Tour bus crashes
  • Charter bus crashes
  • Commercial vehicle accidents

Building Successful Cases

The key to our success is our in-depth knowledge of the medicine behind injuries. Not only can our lawyers help injured clients obtain proper medical care, but we also use that knowledge to maximize compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We handle catastrophic injury cases including:

Your best strategy for battling these companies is to assemble an experienced team of your own. Killackey Law Offices, APC, is here to form the solid foundation of your team. Our experience in representing victims of truck and bus crashes has allowed us to assemble a vast network of experts around the country who are available to immediately travel to the scene, gather and secure evidence and begin developing your case. Our team has successfully represented victims of bus crashes and truck crashes for maximum value. Whether it is securing a $10 million settlement for victims of a tour bus rollover, or millions for victims of negligent truck drivers, our team has consistently, successfully and aggressively represented our clients dedicated to maximizing their recovery.

The Killackey Law Offices, APC, team knows that any successful truck crash investigation includes:

  • Truck maintenance
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver training
  • Speeding
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation violations
  • Equipment failure
  • Driver history

More importantly, to ensure maximum potential recovery, your team must explore every viable theory of recovery against every viable defendant. This only comes from assembling an experienced team that meticulously explores every detail in their investigation. Killackey Law Offices, APC, is ready to quickly and efficiently assemble a team of experts to prove every necessary element of your case, and in turn work to maximize your potential recovery, both medically and legally.

Call us now and, like the rest of our clients, you will see how our experience, reputation and resources have commanded and received the respect of our opponents allowing our clients the highest potential of recovering maximum recovery.

To get Killackey Law Offices, APC, involved in your case now, call us at 800-515-2183 and you will level the playing field against the trucking company, their insurance carrier, defense counsel, and team of investigators. We can, and are ready, to help you and your family today.

Free Initial Consultation · Pasadena Bus Accidents Attorney

Killackey Law Offices, APC, offers free consultations to our clients — call us at 626-999-0735 or toll free at 800-515-2183 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online.

We are available for appointments at our Los Angeles, California, office, your home, the hospital or a location convenient to you, including out of state or in another country. We have foreign language interpreters available.

For personal injury cases, there are no lawyer fees until we win your case.

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