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Alhambra CA Personal Injury Law Blog

What does a wrongful death suit accomplish?

It's possible that a loved one's death was one of the most unexpected, and most traumatic things, that has ever happened to you. Picking up the pieces after such a loss can take time and effort. It may be in the best interests of loved ones left behind to file a wrongful death suit. The process of seeking a wrongful death suit could also honor the person's memory who unexpectedly lost their life.

Wrongful death lawsuits can compensate the surviving family of a victim for their damages, including lost income, loss of companionship and more. While nothing can replace a loved one who was taken from a family too soon, these monetary losses are very real, and families deserve compensation for them.

Obtaining all information available after a car accident

Every driver and passenger on Alhambra roads has the right to safety and well-being. This is the most important driving factor behind the laws pertaining to drunk and intoxicated driving.

It's proven that intoxicated driving is dangerous for drivers and other people on the road because of the way alcohol and other drugs affect the body's systems. So how does probable cause come into play for the driver who is alleged to have caused drunk driving accident and injuries?

Unique safety issues for motorcyclists on Los Angeles roads

For motorcyclists, their safety and security are often top of mind when each time they get on their bike and fire it up. That's because motorcyclists face more safety issues than do passenger vehicle drivers on the same stretches of highway. However, even if this is true, motorcyclists are still afforded the same rights to safety as is any person on Los Angeles road. What unique challenges do motorcyclists face in terms of motorcycle accident injury?

For motorcyclists, the biggest challenge to their health and safety is that they are left largely unprotected, compared to passenger vehicles in cases of motorcycle accident. However, because most motorcycles are smaller than most passenger vehicles, there can be an issue of visibility by other drivers. However, this is an issue with the other driver, not the fault of the motorcyclist themselves. Road hazards like pot holes, that would only jolt a passenger vehicle, could prove deadly for a motorcyclist.

Vehicular manslaughter charged after CA man's death

A recent accident which police have tied to street racing between at least two teenagers left both a man from the greater Los Angeles area and his dog dead. The man was out with his pet for a morning jog when at least one of the vehicles involved in the street race slammed in to him.

A crash reconstruction is still underway, but two 17-year-olds have been charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as other charges in relation to the crash. According to reports, two vehicles, a Toyota and a Mercedes, were driving westbound on Huntington Drive where they allegedly were involved in a street race. At some point, the Mercedes tried to cut the Toyota off, lost control and at some point in the vehicle trajectory, struck the man and his dog out jogging. Both died at the scene.

Catastrophic harm from motorcycle accidents can be compensable

Motorcyclists have every right to safety on the road as do any other passenger vehicle drivers. Sadly, motorcyclists are often horribly injured when they are involved in car accidents with other motor vehicles and even commercial trucks. These injuries are often no fault of the motorcyclist, yet they suffer the brunt of the actual injuries. Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can absolutely be catastrophic.

The ways that motorcyclists are left largely unprotected in instances of collisions with motor vehicles puts them at severe risk of bodily injury. However, this doesn't mean that the liability should fall on the injured motorcyclist. Rather, there could be a person or party at fault for motorcycle accident injury and thus the liability would fall on them. Seeking damages would occur in what's known as a personal injury suit.

What injuries are commonly sustained in a car accident?

Although it only takes a split second for a car accident to occur, the incidents can cause injuries that have the potential to affect a person for a lifetime. There are many different types of injuries that can be sustained from a car accident, but there are some that are more common than others.

To better determine the types of injuries commonly sustained in car accidents, it can be helpful to explore what kind of car accidents are commonly occurring. Rear end car accidents are quite common and thus the car accident injuries that result are often characterized by whiplash injuries to the head, neck and back. These injuries can often go undiagnosed initially, worsened days or weeks after the date of the car accident.

A wide variety of incidents can lead to a wrongful death claim

When people in the Los Angeles area hear about a wrongful death lawsuit being filed, they may have questions about exactly how such a lawsuit is possible. Afterall, in most lawsuits, the person bringing a claim actually needs to be alive. However, a wrongful death lawsuit is a unique legal mechanism by which the deceased person's surviving family members can bring a legal claim to attempt to recover financial compensation - when, that is, another party caused the death in question.

And, unfortunately, there is a wide variety of incidents that can lead to a wrongful death claim in California. For example, car and other vehicle accidents are probably the first type of incident that comes to our readers' minds when they think about fatal accidents that might occur. However, there are many other types of incidents that could result in a death being caused by a person's negligence, recklessness or willful conduct, such as medical malpractice or even a workplace accident. In some cases, people are exposed to deadly toxins, such as asbestos.

Fatal crash involves appears to involve DUI and hit-and-run

Our readers in Los Angeles are no strangers to reports about car accidents in the metropolitan area. However, as common as car accidents might be, fatal car accidents are a whole other matter altogether. When a person dies in a car accident, the trauma that can be felt can be wide-ranging. In a recent fatal accident, there are a variety of factors involved that may result in re-traumatization for several people.

According to the reports, one person was killed and two others were seriously injured when an SUV being driven by a 48-year-old man was struck by a Lexus. The fatal accident occurred in the early morning hours. There were reportedly four people in the SUV, including the man who was killed and the two others who were seriously injured, along with one other person who apparently did not suffer significant injuries. On top of all of this death and destruction, it likely made matters worse for all involved to find out that the driver of the Lexus, who, it appears, caused the accident, fled the scene on foot.

Building a strong case after a truck accident

Although large trucks are seemingly just as common on the roads in and near Los Angeles as passenger vehicles, the vast difference in the potential for damage when a truck is involved in an accident couldn't be clearer. Most truck drivers do a good job of paying attention to their jobs and driving carefully, but, unfortunately, there are those who do not take their jobs as seriously as others. As a result, some trucks on the road present a significant danger to other drivers.

When Los Angeles residents are involved in a truck accident, they will likely want to start immediately to begin a strong legal case. Although their injuries may be extensive, when victims recognize early on that they will need to start collecting information that may be relevant in a legal proceeding, they are off to a good start. Evidence, after all, is the key to proving any type of legal case.

Crash in LA area leaves motorcyclist dead

A motorcyclist who was well known in his community died following a crash in North Hollywood. The crash involved the motorcyclist's striking a vehicle that had turned left in front of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was unable to stop in time to avoid the collision.

Los Angeles police said that they are continuing to investigate but that, at this time, there is no reason to believe this was anything other than accident. The driver of the pickup truck that turned in to the path of the motorcyclist remained on hand and cooperated with the police when they arrived at the scene.

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