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Alhambra CA Personal Injury Law Blog

Legal options after the tragic death of a loved one

Families in California who lose a loved one in a tragic accident can often be left reeling from the incident, wondering what went wrong, if the situation could have been prevented and how they will move forward. No one is prepared for a loved one's sudden, tragic death, but, as the family moves forward, they will probably begin to piece together their options, including their legal ones.

When a loved one dies as a result of another party's negligent or reckless conduct, a wrongful death lawsuit may be a possibility. In pursuing such a case, the family would be attempting to secure financial compensation to help with the expenses associated with the tragedy, such as medical and funeral expenses, as well as compensation to attempt to make up for the loss of wages that the deceased person would have earned in their life.

How can a spinal cord injury affect your life?

When a motorcycle accident occurs in California, it is common for the motorcyclist to suffer injuries in the crash. In some cases, a motorcycle accident may even result in a fatality. But, if the motorcyclist survives, there is a chance that the rider will suffer from severe injuries that could impact their life for the long-term.

Spinal cord injuries, for example, may occur in a motorcycle accident. How can a spinal cord injury impact a person's life? Well, the fact is that the impact could be quite extensive.

Fatalities are a real possibility in large truck accidents

Southern California residents are used to seeing many large trucks on the roads as they go about making deliveries. What may not immediately occur to many people is the immense potential for damage and injuries that comes with these trucks when they are involved in accidents. In fact, fatalities are a real possibility for any California resident who is struck by a large truck.

Statistics show that when truck accidents cause fatalities, most fatalities are suffered by people in passenger vehicles. This makes sense, as the same factors that make large trucks dangerous - namely size and weight - are also the very factors that provide protection to the drivers of these large vehicles. Truck drivers are probably far less likely to die in a truck accident than other drivers and passengers.

Deadly collision involving bicyclist and motor vehicle

The Southern California area sees bicyclists on and near roads year-round. That is one of the benefits of having beautiful weather all of the time. However, one drawback is that the Los Angeles area is notorious for having roads and highways that are jam-packed with motor vehicles, seemingly at all times. The combination of motor vehicles and bicyclists sharing the same space can result in deadly collisions.

That was the case in a recent accident, according to reports. During the late evening hours of November 7, a bicyclist in nearby Lancaster was struck by a motor vehicle, and the bicyclist died as a result of the collision. Although an investigation into this incident is reportedly ongoing, the initial reports indicate that the motor vehicle and the bicyclist were heading in the same direction on the same street, and that the motor vehicle, for some reason, struck the bicyclist.

Understand your options after a car accident involving injuries

Being involved in a car accident can be scary, especially if the collision is more than just a common "fender-bender." In serious car accidents, California residents can suffer injuries and even fatalities. The unfortunate reality is that these types of serious motor vehicle accidents happen every day in California and throughout the country.

Anyone who has been injured in a car accident will likely have quite a few questions in the aftermath of the incident, but it is crucially important for those individuals to know their options, particularly their legal options. The immediate concern for these victims is obviously for them to get the medical attention they need, but sooner or later those medical bills will start to stack up. Why should a person who did not cause the accident be responsible for paying those expenses?

How can motorcyclists stay safe on the roads in California?

There is no doubting that riding a motorcycle is one of the favorite activities of many California residents. However, there is also no doubting that those who are riding motorcycles are oftentimes in more danger of being injured in any type of motor vehicle collision that might occur. So, what can motorcyclists do to stay safe on the roads in California?

Well, for starters, it is important to understand exactly what the statistics say about the danger of riding a motorcycle, even when motorcyclists are doing everything right. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities in motorcycle accidents occur approximately 28 times more frequently than fatalities in collisions involving other types of vehicles, such as regular passenger vehicles.

Drowsy driving and semi-trucks don't mix

For as many large trucks that we all see on the roads in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, it is almost a miracle that there aren't more collisions between these vehicles and smaller passenger vehicles. However, the ones that do occur can be devastating, leaving victims with injuries that can change their lives forever, if they aren't fatal. There can be many reasons that a collision between a semi-truck and a smaller vehicle might occur, but one reason of particular concern is drowsy driving.

Like many people, truck drivers often put in a lot of hours at work. However, unlike most people, truck drivers are behind the wheel of massive and heavy vehicles moving at high speeds. When they get over-tired, the mix of drowsy driving and these huge vehicles traveling on the roads with other people simply doesn't mix.

Bicyclist dies in hit-and-run collision

It isn't uncommon to see bicyclists sharing the roads and sidewalks in California. After all, the year-round weather conditions actually make riding a bicycle an appealing option for anyone looking to save some costs. In fact, many cities throughout the state are making changes to encourage more bicycle use, such as installing designated bike lanes on roads. Unfortunately, when bicyclists share the roads with vehicles, the potential for deadly collisions is possible.

That appears to be what happened in a recent incident. A report noted that a 45-year-old man was struck while he was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane in Sun Valley. The collision occurred on October 7 at about 8:30pm. The bicyclist suffered devastating injuries and, even though he was quickly transported to a hospital for medical treatment, he did not survive.

Holding defendants accountable in a wrongful death case

It is an unfortunate reality that in California each year hundreds of families have to say goodbye to a loved one they lost too soon. Accidents of all kinds take lives each day, with car accidents likely to be the main cause of unexpected deaths in the state. In these types of accidents, there is most likely a party who caused the incident. If so, families in California may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim to hold that party accountable for the loss.

A wrongful death case obviously cannot replace the life lost, but it can attempt to recover financial compensation to lessen the burden on the family members left behind. For example, a wrongful death claim could ask for compensation for funeral expenses, as well as wages that are now lost but would have been earned by the deceased.

Do you know the basics about car accidents in California?

Car accidents are one of the most common ways by which California residents suffer injuries. In fact, car accidents are common throughout the country, but highly-populated states like California can make the possibility of being involved in a car accident even more of a threat. However, even though these incidents are fairly common, do most people know the basics about car accidents and the personal injury lawsuits that can be pursued as a result?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in a recent year, statistics showed that over 5,600,000 police reports were filed in the aftermath of car accidents. Of course, not all fender-benders result in injuries but anyone who is injured in a car accident and who needs to pursue a personal injury claim as a result should be familiar with one key term: negligence.

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