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Alhambra CA Personal Injury Law Blog

Crash in LA area leaves motorcyclist dead

A motorcyclist who was well known in his community died following a crash in North Hollywood. The crash involved the motorcyclist's striking a vehicle that had turned left in front of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was unable to stop in time to avoid the collision.

Los Angeles police said that they are continuing to investigate but that, at this time, there is no reason to believe this was anything other than accident. The driver of the pickup truck that turned in to the path of the motorcyclist remained on hand and cooperated with the police when they arrived at the scene.

Tragic Memorial Day accidents sad, but not surprising

A previous post on this blog talked about how California experienced a rash of fatal motor vehicle accidents over the recent Memorial Day holiday.

According to statistics, while this was as always a sad result, it is not surprising. When it comes to holiday weekends and serious car accidents, Memorial Day ranks as the deadliest. On average, there are 312 fatal accidents on the road each Memorial Day weekend.

A deadly Memorial Day weekend in California

Most people across America, including in California, probably spent the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend with family and friends, maybe at parties and cookouts, celebrating a long weekend off of work and being grateful for the sacrifices of others.

Unfortunately, it seems that the joy we all hope to experience on these types of special weekends throughout the year is also subject to the damper of realizing the there seems to be an increase in the amount of traffic accidents and fatalities at such times. According to a recent report, Memorial Day weekend in California this year was quite deadly.

What type of damages are available in a wrongful death case?

Our readers in Southern California likely know that a wrongful death lawsuit can result from a tragic accident in which a negligent or reckless person's actions cause the death of another person. The sad reality is that these types of accidents are far more common than anyone would like to see. So, in a wrongful death lawsuit, what types of damages could be recovered?

Well, for starters, typically one of the main goals of a wrongful death lawsuit is to recover costs for medical expenses, which can be considerable, especially if the deceased did not die instantly in the accident in question. Severe injuries can lead to extraordinary efforts by medical professionals to save the person's life, but, unfortunately, those efforts aren't always successful. In the end, there are still medical bills to be paid. Why should the deceased person's family members bear that burden if the accident was caused by another person's actions?

Special training for CDLs intended to prevent truck accidents

Large trucks are incredibly common in the vast metropolitan area centered around Los Angeles. These trucks are usually transporting goods throughout the state and the country. For the most part, the drivers in these trucks obey traffic rules and regulations while they are on the road.

Truck drivers must obtain a "CDL," which means "commercial driver's license," and it is different than the driver's license that most of us have obtained.

Serious injuries occur in motorcycle accidents

While many motorcyclists will likely say that they ride because of the excitement or feeling of freedom they get on a motorcycle, the reality is that most of them also know that they need to take the proper precautions in order to ride safely.

Many motorcyclists will be covered in protective gear from head to toe, but definitely with a helmet on at the least. They know that other motorists may not be paying attention to the task of driving like they should be and, as a result, sometimes motorcycle accidents occur that can cause serious injuries.

Truck hits stalled car, two people die in tragic collision

The difference in the size of vehicles involved in a car accident is oftentimes a determining factor as to which individuals in which vehicles suffer injuries. A larger vehicle will usually provide more protection than a smaller vehicle.

That seems to have been the case in a recent car collision in Los Angeles, in which a large pickup truck struck a small Nissan Altima.

Is a wrongful death lawsuit an option if deceased was unemployed?

Our readers in the Southern California area who have seen previous posts here that have covered wrongful death lawsuits know that part of the compensation that can be sought in these types of cases is lost wages that the deceased would have been projected to earn, but for the accident that led to death. However, is a wrongful death lawsuit an option if the deceased was unemployed?

Quite simply, the answer is "yes." Why? Well, there are quite a few different types of compensation that can be sought in a wrongful death lawsuit, beyond lost wages. Even if the deceased person was unemployed at the time of death - and, therefore, there may be no way to calculate any projected future earnings - compensation can still be sought to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and even damages for what the deceased person contributed to the family left behind.

Legal options after suffering injuries in a truck accident

Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries. However, when a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a large truck, such as a semi-truck, the injuries for the driver and any passengers in the smaller vehicle could be devastating, while the occupants of the large truck may walk away from the accident without a scratch.

When Southern California residents are involved in truck accidents, they may have legal options.

Suffering a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident

Many Los Angeles residents who ride motorcycles are probably cognizant of the fact that if they are involved in an accident on these smaller, lighter vehicles, they may suffer injuries. As a result, many motorcyclists wear quite a bit of protective gear when they ride, none more important than a helmet.

However, the worst-case scenario, when a motorcycle accident occurs, even a helmet isn't enough to prevent severe injuries.

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