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Alhambra CA Personal Injury Law Blog

Minimum insurance requirements for truckers

All California drivers are supposed to carry at least a small amount of insurance, called automobile liability insurance, which will help them pay compensation in the event they cause an accident through their own carelessness. Moreover, because truck accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries, truckers who drive in the Los Angeles area are, generally speaking, required under either state or federal law to carry additional liability insurance.

Under California's laws, depending on what type of property the trucker is hauling, the trucker will have to have at least $300,000 and up to $5 million in automobile liability coverage. These numbers are based on a combined single limit, which means the amount of insurance represents the most an insurance company will pay for a single accident involving the trucker. Without showing proof of this insurance coverage, the trucker will not be able to get the official permission it needs to operate legally as a trucker in California.

How does underinsured motorist coverage work?

This blog has spoken previously about how a negligent driver who causes a car accident will likely have to pay compensation to other people whom he or she injured. One problem that Alhambra and other residents of the greater Los Angeles area may have, though, is that the negligent driver may not be able to pay just because he or she does not have the money or assets to do so.

Moreover, these same drivers may also not have automobile insurance, even though the law requires them to do so. Many other drivers may well have insurance, but it is just enough to keep them legal to drive, and not nearly enough to pay the costs of a serious accident.

Who can bring a wrongful death claim?

When the negligence of another person leaves a Los Angeles resident dead, many people, sometimes hundreds, are affected negatively. The deceased will have lots of relatives, friends and other colleagues who will probably miss the person profoundly, and many of them may have even counted on the person for some sort of support.

This does not mean, however, that anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one can file a wrongful death lawsuit in California. California law is actually quite specific about who can file a wrongful death lawsuit, and the idea behind the law seems to be that those who relied financially upon the victim should be the ones able to claim compensation for a tragic loss. Likewise, the law also gives priority to those who would inherit property from the victim.

When drivers are not careful around motorcycles, we speak up

As a previous post here discussed, there are lots of different ways for other motorists to take extra care around motorcycle riders and keep them safe. Although certainly not every accident involving a motorcycle is the other person's fault, drivers in the Los Angeles area should not make excuses for themselves that motorcyclists are hard to see or, worse, that they themselves have a habit of driving poorly.

However, another motorist may attempt to do just that if they are involved in a motorcycle accident and the motorcyclist winds up seriously injured or dead. It can be very tempting, after all, for a driver to try to pass off their carelessness onto another person, even the injured motorcyclist. As a result, a motorcyclist or his or her family should not expect cooperation from the other driver, even if it seems pretty obvious that the accident is the other driver's fault.

South Los Angeles woman dies after pedestrian hit-and-run

A Los Angeles woman in her 30s from South Los Angeles died following a pedestrian accident in which the driver who struck her fled the scene after the fatal car crash. Although the woman was still alive when rescuers arrived at the scene, she suffered extensive brain damage and had to be removed from life support a day or two later.

The woman had been celebrating her birthday at a nearby home with family and friends. Immediately prior to the crash, which was recorded by a street camera, the woman was leaving the company of friends and crossing the street. While she was not in the paint of the crosswalk, she was moving parallel to it and was not walking erratically in the road. A car moving at a high rate of speed blew through the intersection and struck her, sending her flying.

Tips to stay safe around motorcyclists

Los Angeles drivers want to drive safely around motorcyclists. However, these people may not know exactly how to drive carefully around motorcyclists or prevent a serious motorcycle accident. What follows are a few tips about how drivers can stay safe around motorcyclists.

One of the first tips that experts, including insurance companies, offer the public is to follow what can be called the "4-second rule." For most vehicles, a driver can safely follow two seconds behind. Motorcycles, however, require an additional following distance.

Federal rest rules help prevent truck driver fatigue

A previous post discussed the danger of truck driver fatigue to Californian motorists. Indeed, a tired truck driver may exhibit the same behaviors as a drunk or drugged driver, which can lead to serious truck accidents. These accidents leave victims to recover from debilitating injuries, or even death.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates commercial truck drivers that travel between states, issued federal rest rules to combat truck driver fatigue. Although these rules have some nuances, in general, the rules require truckers to stop and take a break.

Help for victims of truck accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be life changing for victims. This is even before the involvement of truck companies, insurance companies and other parties that may make the period of time following a truck crash more difficult. Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries to victims and the wrongful death of loved ones. As a result, a claim for damages can help truck accident victims recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and wrongful death damages from the parties responsible for the accident.

Victims of truck accidents may suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Some truck accidents may result in fatalities. As a result, truck accidents may change the lives of victims and surviving family members forever. Because of the high physical, financial and emotional costs to victims associated with a truck accident, it is imperative that victims and their families understand the importance of investigating a truck accident and also understand how to prepare a claim against truck drivers, truck companies and their insurers.

California woman killed in fatal boating accident

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event to process. No matter their age, it can come unexpectedly if a negligent party suddenly took a loved one's life away. Family members of loved ones who have been wrongfully killed have legal protections to consider.

A woman from the Los Angeles area was recently killed in a fatal boating accident in a neighboring state. The fatal accident occurred when the speeding boat she was riding in crashed and flipped, throwing of several victims into the lake. Several victims were thrown from the speeding 35-foot twin-engine motor boat. Another man from California also died in the fatal boating accident.

How dangerous is truck driver fatigue?

Driver fatigue can be a serious concern for truck drivers and may result in truck crashes involving injuries and fatalities to victims. Fatigued truck driving can be dangerous for truckers and the vehicles they share the roadway with. Truck driver fatigue can be caused by a lack of adequate sleep, extended work hours, strenuous activities related to work or unrelated to work or a combination of factors. One study found that 13 percent of truck drivers were fatigued at the time of their truck accident.

It is important for truck drivers to maintain good safety habits and to avoid truck driver fatigue. Truck drivers should ensure that they get enough sleep and may want to avoid driving during naturally drowsy periods of the day between midnight and 6:00 am and 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Driving while drowsy for anyone can impair the driver's response time and increase the change of being in an accident, which can be especially dangerous for truck drivers because of the tremendous size and weight disparity of trucks when compared to passenger vehicles and other vehicles they share the roadways with.

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