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Motorcycle accident kills one and injures five in California

Accidents happen all the time on the roadways of California. Depending upon the type of vehicles involved, some of these accidents may have more devastating effects than others. For example, a motorcycle accident is very likely to end with at least one individual suffering catastrophic injuries. That was the unfortunate outcome of an accident that recently occurred in California, involving two motorcycles and a passenger vehicle.

The accident occurred around 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon and had a fatal outcome for one involved driver. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were two motorcycles that were headed North on Auberry Road. It was not initially known how, but one of the motorcycles drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic.

At the time that the motorcycle drifted over, there was a passenger vehicle headed South in that lane. The motorcycle collided head-on with the passenger vehicle. The second motorcycle slid after the initial collision and one of the motorcycles started on fire. There were two people riding in the car.

The driver of the motorcycle that drifted into oncoming traffic was fatally injured and pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. His passenger suffered serious injuries and was transported to a medical facility for treatment. Both of those individuals riding the other motorcycle needed medical treatment as well. The two individuals in the car suffered minor injuries.

Fault was not immediately determined in this crash and, according to the California Highway Patrol, it is often difficult to determine what causes this type of accident. However, in cases like this there is often a negligent driver who contributes to the occurrence of the accident. If this is the case, that driver could be liable to the other injured parties and, in some cases, their families.

Source: ABC Local, “One dead and five injured in Auberry crash,” Anthony Pura, Sept. 29, 2013

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