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Wrong way crash leaves two dead in Los Angeles area

Motorcycle awareness is important, day or night, on a country road or on a busy Interstate. When a motorist fails to see a motorcyclist driving in their vicinity, a motorcycle crash can occur, often with devastating results.

A crash on Interstate 5 left two dead recently. Both of the vehicles caught fire in the aftermath of the crash. The crash happened when the driver of a Jaguar was driving the wrong way in the car pool lane. For some reason, he was heading north and slammed in to a motorcycle that was heading south. Both drivers died at the scene of the accident, which the police described as particularly bad. The Interstate had to be closed in one direction for several hours after the accident, which happened in the early morning hours.

Police were still investigating how the driver of the Jaguar came to be on the wrong side of the Interstate. Police mentioned that there was a point of access relatively close where the Jaguar could have gotten turned around. Police were also not sure if the driver just got mentally confused, especially given the early morning hour of this accident, or if the driver was intentionally driving the wrong way.

There are a few legal points about this accident that are worth noting. For one, wrong way accidents are certainly not unheard of, and they are even more common than one might think. Still, drivers obviously have the responsibility to make sure they are traveling with the flow of traffic and can be held financially accountable for any damage they cause when they do not follow through on this responsibility.

Sometimes, however, the driver who is apparently at fault for this accident also died. This may require the family of the motorcycle accident victim to sue the estate of the responsible driver. Doing so may be one way for the family to obtain the financial resources they need during what is understandably a difficult time.

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