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One killed in Los Angeles area donut shop crash

Car accidents in the Los Angeles area are a regular occurrence. Many times, a car accident may yield some minor injuries or no injuries at all, however, accidents can turn tragic when a victim is severely injured or killed by a negligent driver.

A recent car accident in Canoga Park was unfortunately not an average, run-of-the-mill car accident scenario. The driver of a Jeep Liberty plowed into a local donut shop; the police are under the impression that the driver of the vehicle may have mixed up the gas pedal and the brake pedal. When the accident occurred, there were six people in the donut shop. Five people were injured and one person, a regular at the shop, was killed in the crash. According to witnesses who were on the scene at the time of the accident, the deceased victim was pushed from one side of the donut shop to the other by the vehicle. The investigation into what actually caused the crash is still in progress; therefore, the police have yet to make any arrests.

Police reports are of utmost importance in an accident situation, as they are part of the comprehensive investigation necessary to prove which party is at fault for a car accident. Parties to an accident may want to ask the police officer who arrives to the scene of the accident how to obtain a copy of the report, as these reports often include the officer’s observations and whether any of the drivers involved received a ticket. A negligent driver is a driver who does not act with reasonable care. However, just because a driver is negligent does not mean he caused the accident intentionally; the accident could have been caused completely unintentionally, but that does not mean the negligent driver should not be held responsible for the damage he caused.

If the police investigation determines that the driver who crashed into the Canoga Park donut shop was negligent, the driver can be held financially responsible. Victims of a car accident resulting from another’s negligence, as well as family members of a deceased victim, can derive an advantage from filing a personal injury action against the negligent driver.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Owner, Patrons Of Donut Shop Question Whether Deadly Car Crash Was An Accident,” Oct. 5, 2014

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