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When drivers are not careful around motorcycles, we speak up

As a previous post here discussed, there are lots of different ways for other motorists to take extra care around motorcycle riders and keep them safe. Although certainly not every accident involving a motorcycle is the other person’s fault, drivers in the Los Angeles area should not make excuses for themselves that motorcyclists are hard to see or, worse, that they themselves have a habit of driving poorly.

However, another motorist may attempt to do just that if they are involved in a motorcycle accident and the motorcyclist winds up seriously injured or dead. It can be very tempting, after all, for a driver to try to pass off their carelessness onto another person, even the injured motorcyclist. As a result, a motorcyclist or his or her family should not expect cooperation from the other driver, even if it seems pretty obvious that the accident is the other driver’s fault.

This is where our law office can step up to speak up for our clients who have been injured. We take our clients’ cases seriously, taking an aggressive and persistent approach to come up with creative solutions to legal problems as they come up in a case. Our goal is always to recover the most compensation to which our client is legally entitled.

Not only does this approach ensure our clients will have the money they need to put their lives back together after a crash, it also serves to hold responsible parties accountable for a motorcycle accident which they could have prevented.

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