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Truck jackknifes are preventable accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Truck Accidents

One of the scariest type of truck accidents involves a scenario in which the cab of the semi moves in a different direction than its trailer, also known as a jackknife. In a jackknife, the trailer may sweep other vehicles off the road or in to one another.

These accidents can leave other drivers with serious injuries, some even proving fatal.

Truck jackknifes are largely preventable, even though they can happen to any type of truck driver with any number of years of experiences. Basically, a jackknife is the end result of a skid. Trucks often skid when they are traveling downhill or on a sharp curve, particularly when the roads are slick. A jackknife occurs as the end result of a skid.

When a truck driver brakes too quickly for the road conditions, a skid can develop and cause a jackknife. This is one reason why it so important for truckers to pay careful attention to the road ahead of them to avoid slamming on the brakes. This is especially true when the road conditions are wintry or even just wet.

Drivers and their employers should make sure that both their brakes and tires are well-maintained and in proper working order. Furthermore, they also need to make sure that the load of the truck is properly loaded, as an improperly loaded truck is more likely to jackknife if a skid starts.

When a truck jackknifes in the Los Angeles area, it is quite possible that someone will wind up getting hurt. As explained, these accidents can often be prevented with the right attention and care. Therefore, a victim of a jackknife should consider evaluating their legal rights to receive compensation.

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