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Special training for CDLs intended to prevent truck accidents

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Large trucks are incredibly common in the vast metropolitan area centered around Los Angeles. These trucks are usually transporting goods throughout the state and the country. For the most part, the drivers in these trucks obey traffic rules and regulations while they are on the road.

Truck drivers must obtain a “CDL,” which means “commercial driver’s license,” and it is different than the driver’s license that most of us have obtained.

To get a CDL, truck drivers must go through special training. After all, operating a large vehicle, such as a semi-truck, is quite different than operating a passenger vehicle. There are some minimum requirements that applicants for a CDL must meet, including: already having a regular driver’s license; be 18-years-old, or 21-years-old if intending to drive across state lines; possess appropriate citizenship or residency documentation; have no active driver’s license suspensions; and pass background screening. Depending on the state where the applicant is attempting to obtain a CDL, there may be other requirements.

Beyond these minimum requirements, a truck driver must also be physically able to operate a large vehicle. Applicants for a CDL must provide proper medical verification that they are fit to driver a large truck.

Unfortunately, there are some truck drivers who have gone through all of the special training and met all of the special requirements for a CDL and still operate their semi-truck in a negligent manner. When this happens, a catastrophic truck accident could be the result. Anyone injured in such an accident may have legal options to attempt to recover financial compensation.

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