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Rise of fatal truck accidents sparks concern about ELD rules

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Truck Accidents

In Los Angeles, across California and throughout the nation, large trucks are an inevitable part of the landscape. These vehicles serve a purpose in the economy. They deliver products and provide jobs. Still, their size and the speed at which they travel can be intimidating to drivers of passenger vehicles. When there is a truck accident, everyone – including those in the truck – can be injured and lose their lives. After a truck crash, those impacted should understand how it can hinder their future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Statistics regarding truck accidents can be critical to a case. A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that there has been a troubling increase in trucker fatalities. This coincides with new rules implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requiring drivers to adhere to various requirements with the Electronic Logging Device. The rules were meant to make the roads safer, but statistically, the fatality rate has risen.

Starting in 2018, drivers were required to use ELDs to show they complied with the rules for how much time they can spend on the road without a break. This is designed to prevent truck driver fatigue and collisions due to drowsiness among other potential dangers. Despite this goal, the number of fatal truck accidents rose by 0.9 percent. This occurred while there was an overall decrease in fatal auto accidents by 2.4 percent. The fatalities for people in the trucks rose to 885 – 0.8 percent. This was the most significant increase in more than three decades. A suspected reason for the growth in truck crashes is that drivers are speeding to make up for the time they believe they are losing because of the ELD rules. This is causing more accidents. Advocates for drivers have asked that there be a suspension of ELD rules so it can be studied further.

With these statistics, it should cause worry for people who are sharing the road with large trucks. Safety requirements are designed to avoid collisions and the aftermath, but the research shows that this has not worked in the first year of ELD requirements. Whether the accident was due to the new rules or not, people should have assistance in an investigation. A legal filing can help with medical expenses, lost income and other problems from truck accident injuries and fatalities. A law firm with experience in truck accidents might be able to help with a legal claim.

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