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Cars turning left create a hazard for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists have a lot of hazards to consider every time they go out for a ride, but one of the biggest ones is simply cars turning left in front of them. It creates a potentially deadly scenario, but it’s a very common part of the riding experience, so riders always need to be aware and alert.

Turning left itself is not uncommon, and people do it all the time in various vehicles. It is much more dangerous than turning right, but it usually works without issue. The problem with motorcycles specifically is that their small size means that drivers may not see them. This causes the driver to turn in front of the bike, and that’s when the rider has a split-second to try to avoid a sudden, high-speed crash.

Remember, most drivers look for other cars and trucks. That’s what they’re used to seeing, and that’s what they expect. If they do not see a traditional vehicle, and when they fail to double-check for a motorcycle, they may think the lane is empty. They believe it is safe to turn. They then change their focus from the oncoming lane to the driveway, parking lot or cross street that they’re turning into. They’re no longer looking to see if anyone is coming toward them.

The second part of the problem is that the motorcyclist doesn’t know they weren’t seen. They assume, since they have the right of way, that the driver is going to wait for them to pass and then turn. When that doesn’t happen at the last second, there’s nothing they can do.

If you get injured in an accident like this, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

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