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3 kinds of severe fractures that a motorcycle crash can cause

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

In a motorcycle crash, your vehicle will provide very little protection for your body. Many motorcycle riders get thrown from their bikes during wrecks. Their bike can, in some cases, even add to their physical injuries. 

Some of the most painful injuries you might suffer after a crash include broken bones or fractures. The violent force of a motorcycle crash puts you at an increased risk of suffering a severe fracture that is worse than your average broken bone. What are the unusual kinds of fractures you could suffer in a motorcycle crash? 

An open or compound fracture

When a bone breaks, sometimes it stays roughly in place, and sometimes it moves. If one end of the broken bone moves too abruptly, it could tear through tissue and skin, exiting the body and becoming visible to people. An open or compound fracture is particularly dangerous in terms of infection risk and blood loss. 

A spiral fracture

When there is twisting force, such as when someone spins while landing, the bone could break into multiple pieces at irregular intervals due to that twisting force. The spiral fracture that results can be very difficult to set and may require surgery to heal. 

A comminuted fracture

Sometimes, bones break into so many small pieces that it is impossible for doctors to set them all together as they were before the break. Even when the doctor can set the bone, suffering multiple breaks will likely drastically increase how long it takes someone to heal. 

The broken bones you might suffer after a motorcycle crash to easily be serious enough to leave you out of work for months or longer. You may need to file a significant insurance claim or even a lawsuit against the driver that hit you. Knowing your rights after a motorcycle crash can help you fight for justice for your injuries

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