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Posts tagged "loss of a loved one"

Suspected drunk driver in Anaheim kills 10-year old boy

Car accidents in California are a regular occurrence, and fatal accidents are far too common. Though sometimes the victim is at fault, oftentimes another driver is to blame, whether from reckless driving, drunk driving or another cause. When there is a fatal car crash caused by another person, the victim's family is often left wondering what they can do to be compensated for their loss. Many families choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a driver who was at fault.

Are some police in California using too much force?

Residents of certain parts of California seem to be concerned that police are using too much force when trying to stop suspects that they believe present a danger to those immediately surrounding them. Those that carry these concerns may be aware of the incident that occurred recently in California that left one man dead. His family is now seeking compensation from the city through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Three-month-old boy killed at California Art Walk event

Every year the state of California likely has numerous festivals that the residents and visitors take part in to celebrate or get together and have a fun time. One of these festivals is the Art Walk event. Although these types of events are meant to be enjoyable, there are always dangers present when a large number of people gather together. The dangers that presented themselves at the 2011 Art Walk event tragically resulted in the death of a three-month old boy. As a result, the parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for their loss.

Parents file wrongful death lawsuit after son is fatally injured

Residents of California may be familiar with police chases that happen on the roadways of the state. However, what they may not be aware of is that, sometimes, innocent bystanders are injured during these incidents. Last year, a 33-year-old California man was fatally injured when he was struck while walking through a crosswalk. The vehicle that struck him was fleeing from police.

California girl awarded millions for the death of her family

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the dangers involved when large commercial motor vehicles collide with other, smaller cars with which they are sharing the road. An accident that occurred in November of 2009 is a perfect example of how tragic these accidents can be. The recent decision by the court system regarding this fatal accident is also a good example of the compensation injured parties may be able to recover.

Young boy dies from abuse; grandparents file wrongful death suit

Many of the previous postings in this blog have discussed personal injury lawsuits arising from occurrences such as car accidents, pedestrian accidents or motorcycle accidents. As has been previously discussed, when those accidents result in the death of an individual due to another person's negligence, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation from the negligent party.

Family seeking wrongful death damages from Toyota for car defect

Individuals around the globe experience the untimely loss of family members every day. However, this somewhat regular occurrence doesn't make it any easier to work through and cope with when a family finds themselves facing this very tragic situation. If it were possible to present good news to a family suffering such a great loss, it would be that they might be entitled to compensation in the form of wrongful death damages to help them recover from the unexpected loss of their family member.

Three killed and hundreds injured in California plane crash

Residents of California, as well as those around the country, have likely heard the tragic news of the Asiana Airlines flight that recently crashed in San Francisco. The tragic and fatal accident led to the death of three young girls and left numerous other individuals injured.

FedEx truck and bicyclist involved in fatal accident

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the potential danger of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles. This danger presents itself due to the size of these vehicles and the sometimes hazardous nature of the materials they carry. Passenger vehicles are simply no match for such a large commercial vehicle. When these large vehicles come into contact with a pedestrian or bicyclist, the outcome has a high probability of becoming fatal.

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